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“I watched Tommie walk onto the field at Oklahoma University ready to start as a college freshman. He was scary good. Then, I watched him go on to get drafted as a first-round-pick by the Chicago Bears. Since his days in football, he’s had to endure many difficult life challenges. This book is an uplifting testimony of those obstacles and how a Christian heart handles life’s struggles. Godspeed.”

—Toby Keith,

Country music singer and songwriter



“Tommie Harris was one of the greatest players I’ve ever had the honor to coach. Hard-nosed, unbelievably talented, a leader, and a joy to be around! Successful in all realms of his life, that is Tommie Harris. However, things are not always as they appear. In this book, Tommie tells the story of his unfathomable tragedy and the long road to peace and recovery that followed. Endure will build your faith in God, strengthen you in the face of your own loss and pain, and inspire you to keep going no matter what!”

—Bob Stoops,

Former head football coach at the University of Oklahoma



“Tommie Harris is an amazing storyteller. He’ll have you hanging onto every word! I experienced this first hand back in the Bears locker room with my locker being right next to his. He has a way of putting you right into the action. Tommie has a very powerful mind. I’m blessed to know him, and you will be too after reading this book!”

Spice Adams,

Actor, comedian, former NFL defensive tackle



“Tommie certainly tells it like it is! Winning when everything is going right is easy, but winning when everything in life goes wrong? That will test you to your core. This book is riveting and a game changer for any and all who reads Tommie’s courageous spiritual journey to the truth: that God’s love is the real treasure chest in life.”

—Bill & Tani Austin,

Starkey Hearing Technology



“I have known Tommie Harris the All Pro NFL football player for many years and have always admired his strength, tenacity, and will to be one of the best in the game, but his story is far deeper than that. This is a story of reconnecting with God through some of life’s hardest trials. Blind faith in the Lord is what we need in our deepest, darkest moments, and this book will strengthen your faith like nothing else!”

—Nancy Lieberman

Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, former WNBA player



“Tommie’s book shows us how circumstances never ultimately define you as a person, your responses do. Tommie’s faith and story will inspire you to recognize your true potential and the lessons he’s learned will empower you to keep going no matter what you may be going through. A must read!”

—Dr. Fab Mancini,

International bestselling author/speaker and media personality



“Tommie challenges us in this book to learn, ‘It’s okay not to be okay.’ I truly believe that every person at some point will need to hear that. I know I did. I too have experienced the grief of losing a spouse, and I found myself in the pages of Tommie’s story as he weaves together the pieces of his professional career and personal life. This book will change your life.”

— Regina Tisdale,

Founder of The Wayman Tisdale Foundation

Athlete, Artist, Author & Speaker